The simplicity and purity of the material constantly question contemporary popular elements. In an era of over-design and information overload, it seems to call out to me, urging a return to essence, exploring the existential value between things. Design's purpose is not just innovation in form but achieving resonance with the soul, touching delicate and genuine emotions.

The exploration of paper has become a reflection on life and the meaning of existence for me. Paper, an item overlooked in daily life, how can it allow design to transcend visuals and reach the depths of the soul? This is a challenge for designers and also a process of seeking my answers.

Did you know that paper has a heart?

After undergoing the dyeing process, paper reveals various layers of color, and it's this diversity that enriches the expression of design work. When utilizing laser engraving technology, through meticulous control, we uncover what is referred to as the "paper core" – a characteristic stemming from the color differences between the inner and outer parts of the dyed paper, an intriguing phenomenon. This process is not merely a physical transformation but an exploration and innovation.

The visual effects displayed by paper under the laser are essentially a deep understanding of the material's own properties. Interestingly, due to the varying effects of dyeing on paper, the color of the "paper core" after laser engraving differs as well. Just as art and design are constantly advancing through exploration, the intervention of technology allows us to glimpse the hidden qualities of materials and the aesthetic dimensions that might be overlooked in everyday vision.

The work "Paper Maker" by Jost Amman, a 16th-century European printmaker, serves as an early record of papermaking culture. The modern reproduction of this artwork, achieved through laser engraving on fine art paper, not only demonstrates the fusion of technology with traditional craftsmanship but also shows how design and art can converse across time and space.


紙張在經過染色處理後,展現出不同的色彩層次,正是這種多樣性賦予了設計工作更豐富的表現手法。 在使用雷射雕刻技術時,透過精細的控制,揭示了所謂的“紙心”這個性質,是來於染色過程中紙張內外部的顏色差異,所造成的有趣現象,這一過程不僅僅是物理上的變化,更是一種探索和創新的過程。

紙張在雷射的作用下展現的視覺效果,實則是一種對材質本身特性的深入理解,有趣的是,由於染色對於紙張的效果不同,雷射雕刻後的“紙心”顏色也有所不同。 正如藝術與設計總是不斷地探索前進,透過科技的介入,我們得以窺見材質本身隱藏的特質,以及那些可能被日常視覺忽略的美學維度。

16世紀歐洲版畫家Jost Amman的《Paper Maker》便是對造紙文化的一種早期記錄,而這幅作品的現代復刻,透過激光雕刻技術在美術紙上的應用,不僅向我們展示了技術 與傳統工藝的結合,也讓我們看到了設計與藝術如何跨越時空對話。

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