The simplicity and purity of the material constantly question contemporary popular elements. In an era of over-design and information overload, it seems to call out to me, urging a return to essence, exploring the existential value between things. Design's purpose is not just innovation in form but achieving resonance with the soul, touching delicate and genuine emotions.

The exploration of paper has become a reflection on life and the meaning of existence for me. Paper, an item overlooked in daily life, how can it allow design to transcend visuals and reach the depths of the soul? This is a challenge for designers and also a process of seeking my answers.

Ezomatsu Craft Board

"Ezomatsu Craft Board" is a Japanese cardboard born from the cold winters of Hokkaido. This cardboard, a blend of recycled pulp and the distinctive spruce native to Hokkaido, not only mirrors the regional characteristics of winter but also reflects a thoughtful consideration of forestry resources.

The spruce of Hokkaido, known for its straight grain, is widely utilized in architecture and fine furniture. As part of windbreak forests, these trees are intimately connected to the local ecosystem. However, the leftover materials from furniture making, if not utilized effectively, represent a waste of these natural resources.

Through the collaborative efforts of "Kagaya Lumber," "Yamato Board Paper," "Morita Paper Container," and the design company "COMMUNE," "Ezomatsu Craft Board" has emerged as an innovative project. It transforms these unused premium materials into environmentally friendly cardboard imbued with the local spirit, making use of the material characteristics of spruce. Inspired by the boreal forests, it is crafted in three colors that resemble the structure where the bark wraps around the heartwood, presenting colors on each side of the paper to depict the natural landscapes of Hokkaido. This design allows users to experience the charm originating from a corner of Hokkaido when using the paper.



「Ezomatsu Craft Board」是一款從北海道寒冬中誕生的日本紙板。這種紙板,融合了回收紙漿和北海道特有的雲杉為原料,映射出該地區冬季特色的同時,也展示了對林業資源的深思熟慮。


透過「加賀谷木材」、「大和板紙」、「モリタ紙器」以及「株式会社COMMUNE」設計公司的共同合作,「Ezomatsu Craft Board」成為了一個創新項目,將這些未被使用的高級材料,轉化為充滿在地精神的環保紙板,並善用了雲杉的材料特性,以寒帶的森林作為靈感製成了三種顏色,與近似樹皮包覆內部心材的結構,將顏色一深一淺各自作為紙的正反面,描繪出一幅幅北海道自然風貌的畫卷,讓人們在使用紙張時,能夠感這份受到源自北海道的一隅魅力。


「Ezomatsu Craft Board」は北海道の寒冬から生まれた日本のボードです。このボードは、リサイクルされたパルプと北海道特有のエゾマツを原料としており、その地域の冬の特徴を反映しつつ、林業資源に対する深い思慮も示しています。


「加賀谷木材」、「大和板紙」、「モリタ紙器」、およびデザイン会社「株式会社COMMUNE」との共同作業を通じて、「Ezomatsu Craft Board」は革新的なプロジェクトとなりました。これら未使用の高品質な素材を地元の精神に基づいたエコフレンドリーなボードに転換し、エゾマツの素材特性を活かし、寒帯の森をインスピレーションにした3つの色で製作され、内部の心材を木の皮で包むような構造で、色合いを表裏それぞれに異なる深淺で表現し、北海道の自然の景色を描いた絵巻を作り出しています。これにより、人々が紙を使用する際に、北海道からの魅力に触れることができます。

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