The simplicity and purity of the material constantly question contemporary popular elements. In an era of over-design and information overload, it seems to call out to me, urging a return to essence, exploring the existential value between things. Design's purpose is not just innovation in form but achieving resonance with the soul, touching delicate and genuine emotions.

The exploration of paper has become a reflection on life and the meaning of existence for me. Paper, an item overlooked in daily life, how can it allow design to transcend visuals and reach the depths of the soul? This is a challenge for designers and also a process of seeking my answers.

Nagaharu Fiber Paper

Paper Name: Nagaharu Fiber Paper

In contemporary papermaking exploration, Nagaharu Fiber Paper have developed a distinctive personality. They blend mulberry, goose skin, hemp, banana leaves, and coconut fibers, breaking through the size limitations of early handmade paper through improvements in traditional craftsmanship, thus extending to larger spaces.

Unlike for printing purposes, Fiber Paper are primarily used for interior decoration and artistic lighting fixtures. By controlling the appearance with fibers from different plant sources, determining the degree of translucency by tightly or intentionally loosening the base fibers, being easy to dye, and easily shaping after absorbing moderate moisture, these inherent physical characteristics of paper enable Fiber Paper to possess excellent qualities for spatial and lighting creation.

This type of Fiber paper serves as a bridge of light within space, where the blend of light and shadow creates a serene grayscale, engaging in a delicate and philosophical dialogue with the environment. It's not just a manifestation of materiality but a transformation of atmosphere, a contemplation on the flow of time, and the relationship between tradition and innovation.

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